Business Expansion: Leveraging Tailored Marketing Tactics for Growth and Profitability Objectives…

Companies seeking to expand their business may find that tailored marketing tactics are crucial for achieving their goals. Market research, customer segmentation, target marketing, branding, ‘marketing mix methods’ (product, price, promotion, and place), and SWOT analysis can help ensure that limited resources are directed appropriately. This will enable businesses to achieve their growth and profitability objectives by reaching the right customers with the right message. Companies should bridge development and marketing activities through careful planning and strategic tactics to achieve their expansion goals.

Case In Point

Zwanger Persiri uses DCW Media Buyers for advertising

Zwanger Persiri began its journey with DCW Media in 2009 to establish the radiology group as one of Long Island’s most recognizable names for excellence in testing, ease of appointments, and patient care. To deliver results, we identified media opportunities that kept ZP Rad top of mind within the local marketplace—utilizing traditional media such as television, billboards, radio, and newspaper ads. And digital marketing strategies, including email campaigns, search engine optimization (SEO), and social media campaigns to reach their target market.

Our initiative was especially successful thanks to our naming right partnership on News 12-the highest-rated network among those living on Long Island. It was an invaluable asset when it came time to set out a 360-degree marketing plan.

With each new location acquisition, DCW was instrumental in utilizing market research, target demographics, and competitive analysis to promote grand opening events and product launches, allowing potential patients and medical practices to view the cutting-edge technology and care ZP brought to the community.

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