University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, the Penn Museum, located in Philadelphia, PA. DCW Media executed the new main entrance Hall launching in the fall of 2019 .

PENN Museum Case Study

To say that the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology—or the Penn Museum for short―has a rich history, would be quite the understatement. With over 1 million objects under its care, the museum boasts one of the most important collections of its kind in the world―rivaled only by the British Museum in London. The tombs of 5,000-year old Egyptian mummies. A royal crown from Ur―mankind’s first civilization. The largest Sphinx in the Western Hemisphere. These are discoveries that have helped further our collective understanding of language, society, and culture. And they’re all right here under one roof in Philadelphia. The challenge – to generate awareness of this magnificent collection among a broader, global audience.

With a monumental building transformation plan fully underway―including new galleries of Africa, Mexico & Central America, and a new main entrance Hall launching in the fall of 2019―the museum needed help introducing itself to the community. Creative partner Team Brian got right to work positioning the Penn Museum’s historic reopening as one of the biggest cultural events of Philadelphia. By calling on the DCW Media Buying team, we were charged with Creating a Digital Campaign:

A MONUMENTAL MOMENT. What happens when a 133-year old institution, renowned for ground-breaking research and stellar international collections, decides to literally dust itself off?

Media: Programmatic Display, Ethnic Targeted Display, Display Re-targeting, Pre-Roll Video, Connected TV , Paid Search, Instagram and Facebook

DCW planned and bought digital media across Programmatic, Facebook and Paid Search. The goal was to generate awareness for the Penn Museum Reopening in 2019. Prior to this campaign the museum had very little digital presence, primarily due to budget. In addition to driving attendance, a secondary goal was to increase online ticket sales- which typically fell under 5%.

Media Ran in two phases- Reopening for two months and Post Launch for three months in 2020. Results: The 2-month campaign surpassed all attendance goals and revenue targets!

•Visitor Count increased 66%, resulting in a 95% increase in Ticket Sales Revenue

•Senior Attendance grew 121%, resulting in a 156% increase in Ticket Sales Revenue

•Online Ticket Sales helped drive 20% of overall revenue.

•In addition to attendance and tickets sales, the marketing effort also contributed to an increase in museum memberships, gift shop sales, catering and rental income.