Case Study: Victory Recovery

Project Overview: Victory Recovery Partners had been open for nearly two years with 3 locations on Long Island. Aside from some SEM, they hadn’t done any branding or any type of direct response in market before. They needed help generating brand awareness/ informing the public of their unique, one stop shop addiction recovery & behavioral health outpatient services as well as get patients to their new location.

Our Approach: We originally planned for an 8 week local cable TV test on News12 mid-March targeting the Brookhaven zone. This included specific highly rated dayparts throughout the week (including weekends) with an average of 17 spots per week. Amid the COVID-19 crisis, we collectively decide to launch TV campaign, as drug addiction is not something one can “turn off”, people still needed to know they had access to treatment. VRP announced telehealth services available. We brought in production team to edit our commercial quickly and effectively. Ever since that commercial, they have received overwhelming response from the neighborhood, peers and overall patient count has been up.


75% New visitors accounted for over 75% of web traffic during the first 2 weeks of the TV campaign 

60% more time on the site vs. 2019

298 Traffic doubled from organic search 298 in 2020 vs. 150 in 2019.