Zwanger Persiri uses DCW Media Buyers for advertising

Zwanger Pesiri Radiology

Since 2010, DCW has been the AOR for Zwanger Pesiri Radiology, assisting ZP Rad increase overall market share, stay ahead of industry trends, and help launch locations in new markets.
We have accomplished this by utilizing:
1. Local Partnerships with news outlets
2. Anton News Papers, Newsday
3. Created a special feature on News 12 (Time and Temp.) FIRST OF ITS KIND
4. Introducing Zwanger to digital media outlets
5. Geo Mobile Fence Campaign’s, digital video and digital radio

Highly Targeted TV buys

39% Increase in Unique Website Traffic
22% Above Benchmark Pre-Roll Video Completion Rates SEM saw the lowest year-to-date CPC & decrease in CPC year-over-year.