10 Reasons to use DCW Media as Your Buying Firm

1. Fee Free, when you use DCW to buy your company’s advertising; we are paid through an agency-only discount provided by the media. Only an established media buying firm is eligible for this discount. As you will learn here, not only are DCW’s media fees waived, our complimentary services stretch your ad budget to help you get a great deal more for every advertising dollar.

DCW works in partnership with 20+ Creative, Digital, Experiential, Public Relations and Full-Service advertising agencies who utilize the firm for our media buying expertise. DCW takes a collaborative approach to media strategies, by acting as an extension of your team, and utilizing our vast number of services:

  • Media Research        
  • Market Research
  • Strategic Planning
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Audience Development
  • Proposals
  • Evaluation of Media Vendors
  • Negotiated Media Buying
  • Added Value
  • Spot Analysis’
  • Management ‘Assessment Data Ring’:
  • Performance Module
  • Dashboard Module
  • Content Management
  • CRM Integration
  • Project Communication Tools, Streamlining all facets of Inter-Communications.
  • Highly Efficient Accounting and Detailed Billing               

2. Having the Crucial “Scut Work” Done Right! DCW’s process is team-oriented and a highly collaborative effort. The designated DCW Team, will conduct an in-depth needs analysis with the sole goal of understanding fully the campaign’s objectives and any factors that may affect the successful implementation of the campaign, such as: timing, target demographics, competitive analysis and geos, deadlines, etc. Any anticipated challenges and expectations will be discussed and evaluated. This in-depth analysis thoroughly pinpoints the ‘campaign criteria’ and ‘initiatives’ to be prioritized. This is the very important ‘Scut Work’ (at no fee) each campaign begins with at DCW.

3. Negotiation “Clout”, DCW has quite a bit of buying influence – in both local and national markets. DCW places advertising for several clients, giving a total spend much larger than a single company might bring to the table. As you would assume, this level of spending gives us some real advantages when negotiating contracts. Your advertising schedule will benefit with lower prices per ad and better timeslots/positioning.

4. Negotiation Know-How, negotiating media buys is often more art than science, it truly is a creative process. We understand the media being purchased, the tricks and traps that could cause issues with the buy and the know how to reach a compromise.

Here’s an example: For one reason or another, television stations often “bump” spots (remove them from the schedule). If your negotiated price is below a certain threshold, your spots have a high likelihood of being bumped instead of another advertiser who is paying higher. DCW understands this and knows how to prevent this problem.

5. Tracking & “Make-Good” Ads, when you buy television/radio advertising, your cost is based on the station’s assurance that a certain number of people will see your spot. What happens if they don’t? Let’s say they contract for a million viewers but only half of that number tune in (something that happens quite often). What then? The station is not obligated to track you down and let you know it happened, then offer some way to make up for it? Not likely. DCW tracks the ratings for your advertising to make sure you get everything that you paid for. In the case above, DCW will request “make goods,” essentially free spots to make up for the ratings difference. This is a huge benefit that will save your budget while also increasing delivery of your message.

6. Responsiveness, DCW can quickly turn recommendations / buys around very quickly. The team at DCW have a “get-it-done-yesterday” mantra (or attitude, objective…)

7. Prudent Detailed Accounting Supplied, no matter how hard you plan; advertising billing fluctuates and can be inaccurate. This is due to programming changes, scheduling adjustments and many unforeseen circumstances. Within DCW, you have an accountant that is accustomed to working with “all media” to make sure that budgets are kept. This helps you avoid surprises in billing, and it gives you piece of mind that your invoices are correct.

8. Simplifying your Advertising Management needs, we have available various communication, management and lead generation software programs that are easily integrated with client platforms. Our resources create a streamlined account team fostering organization and results in a multi-campaign environment.

9. Big-Picture Strategy, one of the biggest benefits of working with DCW is that we can often see the big picture in a way that the individual sales reps cannot. DCW knows your target customers as well as all of your placements and all of your marketing goals. Instead of ordering media based open inventory, a professional buy is based on getting you what you need at the best prices available.

10. Always be in the know of Emergent Media and strides in the Traditional Media space. Technology is constantly changing and often at a rapid pace; DCW is on the forefront of Digital and Traditional media advancements. Having access to new platforms, tactics and strategies gives you an edge on your competition and most importantly increases your ROI and KPI!