A.I. Takes Conversion Solutions to the Next Level

Artificial Intelligence has revolutionized the Media Business creating efficiencies with strong, solid targeting, serving the right message at the right time. No matter your demographic ‘prospect’, AI can setup an ad serving strategy for your target along every phase of the ‘Consumer Journey’.  Today’s AI is a powerful tool sophisticated enough to predict conversions and accurately calculate who will convert and who will not. Individuality Pins, such as: Interactions, language refinement, emotions, instincts, trust, and culture all have a significant parts in persuading the consumer to convert.

In today’s progressive AI algorithms, ‘Individuality Pins’ are integrated with data culled from an array of channels to finely sharpen the focus, producing insights that make prospecting extremely efficient. Here are a few of these tools briefly explained:

Anomaly Detection & Intelligent Alerts, When laying out the parameters of a media campaign, Intelligent Alerts can be established to detect and report under performance (Anomaly Detection, unusual occurrence).  As the campaign unfolds and data is collected, these parameters become refined to a point where real time tactical adjustments happen automatically!  This tool can also help you identify and capture opportunities to increase conversions. By analyzing anomalies, you can identify specific features (individuality pins) that prompted a prospect to become a customer or those features that caused a prospect to walk away.

Recommendation Engines, Suggests products, services, and information to users based on analysis of data which is gather through the user’s past activities, written ratings, reviews and other information about their profile, such as gender, age, or investment objectives.

Predictive Technology, Pulls the user’s activity patterns (both search and transactional), determines if the user is in the target audience, predicts the users risk factors and finally makes a decision whether or not to serve the ad.

Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO), is a display ad technology that creates personalized ads based on data about the viewer at the moment the ad is served. Because the creative is more relevant, tested and optimized, DCO’s outperform generic messaging by a significant margin.