MTA uses DCW Media Buyers for advertising train set

MTA’s Initiative… The Revival of an Iconic Campaign

DCW Media has the privilege to work with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) in New York City for their iconic, “See Something, Say Something” initiative.  This campaign has been with the post 9/11 culture since its creation on 9/12/2001, its strong, it’s simple and it’s a call to action Using our leverage and the highly sensitive environment New Yorker’s are now living in, DCW Media able to secure a buy one get one free campaign for the MTA.

We now refer to this arrangement as “pro-paid” (part pro-bono / paid).  This was in addition to negotiating added-value with participating stations to insert the MTA’s logo on-screen during key programming such as Law & Order. DCW also encouraged stations to create a :10 sec promo at no cost. Great results followed, take a look at the case study posted last week.