Lean, Mean, Agile Machine


There are many strategies to enlist when creating a media plan. Every great plan is broken down into four stages; market analysis, media objectives, media strategy development and implementation, and evaluation. This process is then followed up with a timeline of evaluations to keep the campaign optimized.

The first stages of each project informs the client of the project specifications, milestones, and projected results. All tasks are discussed, assignments made and monitored through our Marketing Project Management tools which allow for a quick transition from the project appointment phase into the working phase. This system also gives the team the ability to handle multiple projects on competing timelines, ease of creative asset control over which image, video or document is downloaded or uploaded into the campaign.

At DCW Media Daily / Weekly / Monthly reports are generated, communicated and closely monitored. Team meetings are conducted daily. This phase of ‘campaign reporting’ allows team members is optimize media and creative messaging for efficiencies and to substitute out if goals are not being met. NO FEE